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Our newest venture is the addition of a flock of Free-Range Hens and Brown Eggs.  

The nutritional and health advantages of free range eggs are widely reported and the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly to our pastures are just some of the reasons for adding this program to our farm.   

While there have, naturally, been challenges with this program, We have greatly enjoyed having the hens and watching them as they range over the pastures.  

If you are interested in purchasing Free-Range Brown Eggs please call Nancy.  We also offer these eggs through selected retail outlets.  

A young flock of Red Star Hens that are just beginning to lay and are ranging in a new paddock of fescue grass.  The hens really enjoy the space, the grass and especially enjoy the grasshoppers.  It is amazing how much they scratch in the grass and dig through the thatch that has built up over the years.  While I don't believe they eliminate them they will definitely encourage a fire ant colony to relocate. 

 Pictured here is Nancy candling eggs as a part of the daily processing of our farm fresh eggs.  One  benefit of our eggs is that they are definitely fresh.  It is very rare for a dozen eggs purchased from us to be more than one week old.  Often those purchased in the grocery store may be up to 45 days old. 

Another close up of an egg being candled for cracks and imperfections.  Part of the quality assurance that you receive from our farm fresh eggs. 

5 dozen eggs washed and packed on flats to be graded and candled.  Until a better opportunity comes along they are graded and packed on our kitchen table.  So you know that we put an emphasis on clean healthy eggs.

Eggs are weighed to ensure uniformity of eggs and that you receive Grade A large Eggs that are packed into attractive clean, cartons.  Each carton is marked with a label and an expiration date as required by South Carolina Department of Agriculture. 

Current prices for eggs are $3.50 per dozen Grade A large eggs.  Quantity pricing available on request.  Discount stained, oversize and medium eggs for sale when available. 

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