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We feel that we have a particularly nice strain of rosemary to offer as our standard rosemary.  It has proven itself to be very hardy both in winter and summer and it has a very thick leaf with a high oil content.  The plants pictured above have been in this location (that is probably not ideal for rosemary) for the past 6 years.  As you can see it has grown very well and has served as our primary stock plants for the past several years.  It also has a very nice blue bloom as seen in the photo on the right.  

Rosemary:  Creeping, Pine Scented, Salem, Standard (pictured) and Tuscan Blue


Province Lavender

Spanish Lavender

Other Lavender:  Dutch, French, Goodwin Creek, Grosso, Munstead, Province, Spanish, Silver Edge, Sweet, White Province


Thyme: Doone Valley, Carraway Thyme

Mints:  Grapefruit Mint, Lime Mint, Mint Julep


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