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Cool Season Annuals


Pansies are still the standard for cool season color.  These cold tolerant plants may be planted from the cool days of late fall through early spring. They really put on a show as the days start to warm in February and continue into May.  Pansies come in many colors and forms.  When selecting pansy plants try to select plants that are well branched and that have a strong root system.  It is best to use plants that were grown outside locally as they are better acclimated.

 Pansy clearance $5.00/flat

Want to try something different?

One of the showiest cool season annuals to use in the flower bed this winter is ornamental cabbage and kale.  These colorful versions of the vegetable standard makes a bold impact at the front of a planting.  Most of these varieties have been bred to resist bolting but will still need to be replaced as the heat and insects cause it to look tired.  One bit of warning.  Groundhogs and other rodents such as rabbits love to munch on these plants. 

Watch this section for our warm season annual show stoppers and heat busters.