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Daylilies, Are they the perfect perennial?  

Pictured at left is 'Mardi Gras Parade'.  A new introduction that has a very unique blending of colors in the throat and eyezone.  

This is always one of the most popular daylilies that we feature. Stop by to see it.  It will work perfectly at the front of a border or tucked in neatly by the entrance.  It has very attractive foliage as well.  

Daylily Daze 2010 - June 18-19 2010 Plan to be with us

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It has been suggested that the daylily is the perfect perennial, particularly for the southeastern United States.  We are probably prone to agree with the statement.  If they aren't perfect, they certainly offer many advantages over other perennial flowering plants.  


They are easily managed and require little care.


They are dependable and perform well under less than ideal conditions.  


They are very adaptable to many climates and growing conditions. They even seem to like our red clay soils. 


They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, forms and colors.  There is surely one that will spark your interest. 


By planning your selections and by using some of the continuous blooming varieties, the gardener may enjoy daylilies from spring, through the heat of the summer until frost. 

If there is any group of flowering plants that we are especially proud of it is our Daylilies.  We have selected daylilies that we find functional and adaptable to the gardening needs of our area.  We are continuously adding new varieties to our selection.  Watch the plantings that should begin to bloom this spring. 

Our daughter, Katie, has taken a particular interest in the daylilies and has been hybridizing some of her favorites.  She currently has about 150 seedlings set to bloom this summer and has approximately another 300 to set out this summer. Many of these daylilies are good daylilies but will not be selected for registration and will be on sale for discounted prices. We are proud that she also successfully registered two of her first seedlings; Lebanon Tiger Rag and Lebanon Opal Dawn. Come out this summer and tell us what you think of her new babies!