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Leaf detail of Silver Edge Lavender

We are extremely proud of the selection and value of our herb plants. We grow over 100 different varieties of herb plants.  These plants are useful for healthy cooking, health purposes and just simply enjoying their beauty and aroma as plants.  Most of our herbs are carefully propagated from our own stock plants so that we can provide plants to you that are healthy, true to their varietal characteristics and functional for their intended use.  

Many people comment to us, "I really like the herbs, but just don't know how to use them like I want to."  We hope we can provide some suggestions on uses for herbs here at this site.  Check back at this page often as we provide useful tips for using herbs in a variety of ways.  

The first section that we will add to this will be a section of simple recipes that you can begin using herbs in your cooking.  Of course, the best thing is for you to begin experimenting on your own.  If you like the fragrance of a particular culinary herb, begin to chop a bit of it fresh in some of your favorite dishes.  Fresh mint in a squash stir fry makes a light, zesty summer dish that is low fat but full of flavor.  Give other herbs a try on some of your meat or vegetable dishes.  

Simple herbal teas are amazingly simple and often quite tasty.  I have found thyme tea to be very soothing in the cold days of winter.  Iced sun brewed teas with mints and lemon flavored herbs are a refreshing change in the hot days of summer.   

Probably one of the most underused plants in the landscape is the herb plant.  Many of these plants are simply very attractive plants that have the added advantage of fragrance and functionality. The herb plants can fill many forms and texture needs from creeping to vertical lines.  They can be used  in practically any sunny well drained location or container. 

For whatever your need, there is an herb plant that can meet the need.