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Cedar Ridge Farm began as a seed for thought on an early date between Steve and Nancy.  Nancy (then Gentry) led Steve through a jungle of privet, brambles and honeysuckle to show him an old house site and told him she wanted to live there some day.  She figured when he didn't turn and run or laugh hysterically that he had some promise.  Since that time they have worked side by side to make her dream a reality. It has taken many hours of sweat and agony to get it to the point it is now and there have been many changes from the original plan.  But it is now their dream to spend their lives on this farm and maybe one day have their children become partners in it also.


This is Joey at his best!  Building a masterpiece of Legos and explaining to everyone just exactly how it works.  The real work of art is the one under the hat!

Does the line from the song go, "to perfume and makeup from ribbon and curls"? Katie seems to be stuck in the middle. But what a beautiful daughter she is!

Joey, as many little boys, dreams of cowboy days.  Below he is seen in his best cowboy hat at the Salem Rodeo.  He and his cousin Hayden love the time they have to play together.  The war cry we all have learned to be aware of is "Come on Hayden"!  Joey played Tee ball this past spring and played football for the first time this fall.  He is taking clogging lessons at Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers as well.  

Well, my children, particularly Katie, aren't really pleased that this page has been neglected for so long.  Katie is now a senior at Mars Hill College in North Carolina.  There she is an Honors Scholar and proud to be a part of the 14 time National Champion "Bailey Mountain Cloggers"  Since her friends and professors have noticed this page is way out of date I decided to make a page of 'Katie Beth highlights'

Above Joey with Hayden and below at Salem Rodeo.   Katie with her duo partner, Joanna Walling, at Maggie Valley.  This duo qualified for and competed in the 2005 American Junior Olympics.  Below Katie receives the Star Greenhand award at the PHS FFA Banquet with her is Chapter President Jessica Levits.  

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