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The time honored standard "Catherine Woodbury"  is still one of the best daylilies on the market.  

It is our goal to offer some of the best performing plants possible, for this area .  We evaluate many plant varieties in order to find the ones that will give you the most gardening pleasure.  We take a great deal of pride in offering not only the tried and true varieties that have proven themselves over time but also the new and exciting plants that are coming along.  We also try to keep a selection of unique and unusual plants.  Things that you just won't find in the "box stores". Above all we want our plants to meet or exceed your expectations.  

Flowering plants face many difficulties with the humid hot summers that we endure, whether they are annual or perennial.  We are trying to evaluate many plants and identify the ones that perform the best in these conditions.  Most of the plants that we sell we have planted ourselves in our own gardens so we know how they perform in this climate.  We have an excellent line of specialty annuals including the Proven Winners series, the Wave petunias and a really good lineup of lantanas.  We are focusing our perennial lineup on easy care plants that compliment your garden plantings.  

 We have one of the most extensive selections of herbs that you will find in the upstate.  We grow over 100 different varieties of herbs.  Whether your interest is in culinary, medicinal or landscaping, we have herbs that can meet your need.  Herbs work great in large planter combinations.  There are many different forms, colors and textures to chose from.  

To think all of this started as a way to grow vegetable transplants for ourselves.  We now grow many vegetable varieties including tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, squash and melons.  As with the flowers, we offer the time proven varieties as well as the up and coming varieties that we see in the trade magazines and trials.  We offer cool season vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and lettuce in the early spring and the fall.  Vegetables truly can be a year round venture in this area if someone wants to invest the effort.  

As you can see, whatever your plant interest may be we have many plants that can be used in your garden.  We are beginning to propagate and grow a small basic selection of  shrubs and trees.  Until we have refined this process we will continue to seek out other growers that can help your needs in this area.  Whenever possible we strive to support upstate independent growers.