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If there could be any group of plants that has surged in popularity over the past few years it would have to be the Perennials.  Understandably as people's lives become busier, they become more conscious of their time and don't want to spend every spring weeding, preparing and planting all of their beds repeatedly.  

When you consider their enduring value and dependability, they are one of the best values to be had in gardening.  It is true that most perennials will not give you the non stop bloom from spring until frost that some annuals do, but they often give you years of steady bloom at their seasonal time.  Many have very attractive foliage and truly unique textures and fragrance.  Look at our plant selections at several times throughout the season to see which perennials are making their statement at the time.  We have dependable perennials like the Garden Phlox, dianthus, sedums, verbenas and buddleias as well as some new and unusual ones such as Salvias, boltonias, vines and others.  

If there is one group of our perennials that we are especially proud of it is our Daylilies.  We currently have many very nice daylily cultivars and are adding many new ones each year.  Our daughter, Katie is hybridizing daylilies and has just registered two of her first seedlings. She has those two and many new seedlings out in the beds.  Stop by and check them out as well as our other daylilies at Daylily Daze each summer in June.  

Shade perennials are a challenge.  We are developing a good line of collectors hostas that will work in many shade gardens.  If you have shade gardens, you really should be using some hostas in your plantings.  We also try to keep a good selection of hardy ferns for the shade as well.  

Grasses are probably more underused in the landscape than any group of plants.  Other than daylilies, I really know of no group of plants that are more trouble free and easy to maintain.  There are so many different grasses other than Pampas grass.  Check out our selection.  

Perennials really need little special care.  Just check out some of the tips given here for some hints for successful perennial gardening. 

This page updated on 10/06/2005