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Week of March 3, 2003

There are plugs (starter plants) everywhere!! These plugs range from the small vegetable plugs,  406 plants per tray, to the big 32 count perennial plugs that we grow to put into gallon nursery pots.  The photo, top left, shows a tray of tomato plugs.  We will begin transplanting pepper and tomatoes this week. Nancy has a goal of transplanting nearly 1000 flats this week.  Karesa has spring break this week from her college so she will be a very valuable part in reaching this goal.  The picture at top right shows house 2 is completely full.  This is the house that we use for propagation and growing plugs.  Nancy, her Mom and the Girls transplanted about 500 various flats of bedding plants last week.  These ranged from begonias, petunias, gazania, dianthus, dusty miller, and impatiens.  The cold tolerant plants in these blocks will be grown in this greenhouse (house 3), pictured below, for 2-3 weeks and then moved outside to be finished.  This creates a hardier plant that is more ready to perform in the garden. Also pictured below is newly transplanted flats of Carpet Blue Petunias.  



This page updated on 03/02/2003 .