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Week of April 14, 2003

Azalea in full bloom   Flats of Blue Petunias with Dusty Miller in background
Hang On, Here we Go!

This is the time of the year that we both love and hate!  Everything is happening so fast and there is hardly any time to think beyond what do I do next.  Transplanting is still going full bore with as much as we can get done with the help we have.  Everyone has small cuts from handling the flats and their hands are dry and irritated from being in the mix all day.  We are shipping plants out wholesale at a regular to a sometimes hectic pace.  We are moving plants to outside growing areas to allow them to harden off and to give us more inside growing area.  

We have a good selection of flowering annuals, perennials and some vegetables and herbs ready for sale at both wholesale and retail.  Our Jackson & Perkins roses have arrived at retail.  They look very good and this company is excellent at standing behind their product.  This is always changing so remember to check back with us regularly.   Our petunias and begonias look particularly good this week. Let us know if you need some.    Look at some of the images on this page and decide for yourself.  

Spring means Tomatoes.  These are outside ready for planting. Katie and Jessie assemble more flats for vegetables.

More images of plants that are ready now are available by clicking on the image below to get a larger view.  Use the 'back' button of your browser to return to this page. 

begnia.JPG (40614 bytes) mgold.JPG (44998 bytes) rdptnia.JPG (49257 bytes) portulaca.JPG (47357 bytes)
Begonias Marigold "Antiqua" Carpet Red Petunia Sundial Mix Portulaca