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Week of April 21, 2003

Don't tell them Spring Break is over!!

What a fun week last week was.  Yeah, we all worked hard and had our moments when we wondered, "Why do I ache so?", but it was fun to have folks around a little bit more since they were on spring break.  We even got to have some "family time" that didn't involve transplanting.  Our crew can make fun out of almost anything as we found out with the shipping airbag (above left).  This was the conclusion to our Pizza lunch on Thursday. 

Many of the annuals are really colorful now.  This is also the time of the year to get some garden work done.  We actually planted some vegetables ahead of Papa (Steve's Dad in GA).  We also get to see the magic of a collection of sticks from last year's Mrs. Huffs lantana resurect itself as seen in the new sprouts at bottom right.  We also cut back some of our perennials that need to be shaped up and invigorated for the new growing season such as Cherry Queen Salvia (bottom left), that the hummingbirds love so well.